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Our Products

Double Protection

This pack includes our repelling Basic Soft bands and contact blocking Simple Zing Spray. This helped reduced mosquito hovering and landings by over 99%!


A skin therapy cream and mosquito repellant in one! It can heal cracked skin and soothe itching insect bites. It helps repel more than 98% of mosquito landings.


A floor pad that repels mosquitos! This polyester high shag mat lasts 1 year before needing a refill.


An aloe vera cream that with a thick coating, we found in our field tests to show a 95% reduction of mosquito landings on exposed skin.

A Breakthrough Technology

There’s a lot of hype about mosquito repellants. Repellants that proclaim NO DEET! are very “in” because of the legitimate concern about rubbing a strong chemical on your skin. Here’s the truth: The odor of DEET is truly the most effective repellant available and has been since it was developed in 1944. With mosquito transmitted illness spreading due to climate change and new viruses emerging, like Zika, you want weapons-grade mosquito protection; not slightly effective botanical fragrances that may or may not last more than a few hours.

We have discovered a synergistic combination of scents with DEET that are more effective than DEET alone and are able to deliver them at a steady effective rate for 800 hours in a wearable device called BugBling™. As a wearable device (spatial repellent) we are not putting the scent oils on your skin. We also discovered other synergistic combinations of botanical scents, without DEET, that can also be effectively delivered at a steady rate in wearable device and we called these BugZing™.

Zika – What We Want You to Know

With new stories every day about the dangers of Zika, we want you to know right up front that our product and technology was tested by an independent laboratory with the Aedes aegypti mosquito, carrier of the Zika virus. It was found to be more effective than any other commercially available spatial repellant in the U.S. The protracted EPA registration process means only customers outside the U.S. can take advantage of this powerful protection…for now..

Why BugZing


94% effective confirmed by independent testing by Hansen Molecular Vector Physiology Laboratory of New Mexico State University, performed according to World Health Organization (WHO) protocol.

Long Lasting

Advanced, patented membrane technology delivers continuous stable delivery for as long as 800 hours with no potency degradation.


Delivers an anti-mosquito cocktail of the most powerful EPA-tested repellants available with no skin contact.


Costs less than competitors.

Ask About Licensing

We believe the best way to deliver mosquito protection is to make it a self-sustaining profitable business in as many markets that we can throughout the world. BugZing™ technology will obtain worldwide patent protection and we want to license the manufacturing and distribution into your market.

BugBling™ and BugZing™ can be embodied in many forms, styles and production costs. The neediest markets still may not be able afford our most cost efficient mosquito repellent so we will build in sponsorship through the license.