What BugZing Looks Like

The BugZing™ emitter portal is adaptable for a wide range of mosquito repellent applications. The novel membrane technology makes it possible to release a powerful amount of repellent over 800 hours from a tiny device. Here are photos of the device as a wristband, the transmitter and suggestions for how to use BugZing™.

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The Mosquito Repellant Wrist Band

BugZing Mosquito Repellant Wristband
BugZing mosquito repellant wrist band

The BugZing™ mosquito repellant wristband is a flexible silicone rubber band with a steel interior.

The Cartridge

The cartridge is a small unit, just slightly larger than the size of a quarter that emits our unique combination of DEET and Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus which is “breathed” consistently from an ampoule with a patented membrane. It comes in two options for mosquito repellant solutions: low scent and regular. The Regular BugZing™ cartridge releases a mild lemon smell.

Many Ways To Use BugZing

BugZing™ is very versatile in how it can be used:

  • Inside the wristband
  • Attached to your hat
  • Attached to a baby stroller
  • On the underside of an umbrella
  • Placed by the entry to a doorway
  • Attached to a backpack when hiking or when outdoors
  • Hung from a tent when camping

There are many ways to use this mosquito repellant device. Get creative!